Software Services

Software Packages

Creating and maintaining software packages of OpenStack source files and their updates.

Package Repositories

Providing and maintaining package repositories for supported versions of OpenStack, backends and patches.

Implementation Services


Creating a solution architecture for the customer’s use case and an implementation work plan.


The implementation of OpenStack on client’s infrastructure, according to the solution architecture.


Applying OpenStack updates.


Monitoring of hardware infrastructure, operating systems and OpenStack services allowing to perform functional and performance testing and collect indicators for data analysis.


Reconfiguring some or all of OpenStack projects in the extent of solution architecture.


Upgrading the deployment to higher versions of OpenStack.


Adding physical servers or storage backends to the deployment.

Support Services

Service Desk

Solution support via phone and ticket system.


Customization of OpenStack according to client’s requirements.

Response time guarantee

Providing an SLA on support, response time 1 hour, service regime 8/5.

System availability guarantee

Providing an SLA on solution availability, 99.9%

Cloud Services

Ultimum Cloud

Ultimum Cloud is an Infrastructure as a Service cloud. All deployments are currently provided from datacenter TTC Teleport, Prague 10, Czech Republic.

Let's work together

We are happy to work with you to prove our platform will bring you automation, effectiveness and lower cost in operating your virtual infrastructure in a software defined way. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.