The Story

The company was established in 2010 primarily focusing on research and development of software for complex systems simulations. Since then, the company has expanded the scope of its activities to the development, deployment and integrations of open cloud platforms and software defined datacenters.


August 2010

Company establishment


July 2012

Beta version of public cloud based on OpenStack platform


December 2013

Deutsche Boerse Cloud Exchange – early adopters only one from Czech Republic

January 2013

UltiCloud – production deployment of public cloud based on OpenStack platform


December 2014

Red Hat Rising Star of the Year 2014

August 2014

OpenStack Foundation Corporate Sponzor

May 2014

Helix Nebula membership


November 2015

CIO Review – one of the 20 most promising OpenStack companies

September 2015

Starting cooperation with CISCO

August 2015

Ultimum OpenStack certification on OpenStack Marketplace

June 2015

Ultimum OpenStack release

May 2015

GÉANT Cloud Services membership

April 2015

CERN visit with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic

March 2015

Red Hat Advanced Partner for Cloud Infrastructure

February 2015

Ultimum OpenStack beta


November 2016

Ultimum OpenStack integrated with CISCO ACI